Examining Global Wheat Supply Disruption Amid the Russia-Ukraine War

Crop report

Today’s global food supply chain is highly connected and interdependent. As a result, it’s also sensitive to disruptions. Just how disrupted the market is by a given event, though, is a common question. And this is precisely the question at hand for organizations working in global food security. When it comes to feeding the world,…

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New Features Bring Even More Power to Geosys Platform

geosys platform

In January 2021, EarthDaily Agro announced its next generation Platform as a Service (Paas), <geosys/>. Today we are announcing our first major release of updates that improve the performance, scope and usability of our PaaS offering. With a full suite of enhancements, the updated platform makes harnessing satellite imagery for agriculture easy and offers advanced…

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Employee Spotlight: Pierre Carrere

portrait of Pierre

Pierre joined EarthDaily Agro in early 2017 as Farmsat Product Manager. Prior to EarthDaily Agro, he was working on Precision Ag topic Products as part of the Farmsat Team. At Arvalis-Institut du Végétal, he had the opportunity to learn about applied remote sensing from reference Agronomists in France. Moving from Precision Ag to regional monitoring,…

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