A geosys Block provides developers the ease and flexibility to customize solutions by embedding specific data visualizations, reports, and analyses. Think of the geosys App as a collection of Lego pieces. You might find it useful to see a specific report or analysis in one of your systems, and, since we built our platform knowing inexpensive customization and efficient user access were critical, Blocks make that easy. For example, finance may need to reference an NDVI Time Series analysis on a daily basis. Instead of accessing it through the geosys Platform, a developer can simply add that specific block, or Lego, into the ERP for immediate access. No need for expensive development costs; just use a Block.


Customization without Expensive Developer Cost

Blocks make it easy to simply plug-in data visualizations, reports, and analyses into your home systems without adding expensive labor or process. Just point the system to the Block and have instant access without changing systems.


Efficient and Easy User Access

Most business users access the same systems on a daily basis. They may need access to specific data but don’t require the full geosys App. Embedding a block provides them easy access inside their home systems. With a few clicks, they are empowered with the data they need.