Satellite – Scaling Up Carbon Farming 

In recent years, many studies on carbon farming practices have been done. Optimizing carbon capture on working landscapes is expanding in the United States and in other major production areas around the world. In coordination with these efforts, a framework is being structured that encompasses political and financial incentives, regulatory frameworks, contracted production, and debate…

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$1 Million Grant to Fund New EASY4Ag Program From EarthDaily Agro

Earlier this year, the prestigious I-NOV competition for French creative businesses and industry disruptors awarded EarthDaily Agro a significant grant of $1 million to address pressing agriculture challenges. With existing analytics capabilities and an upcoming next-generation satellite constellation, EarthDaily Agro has been recognized for major contributions to agricultural sustainability. EarthDaily Agro’s overall goal is to…

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EarthDaily Agro Awarded Prestigious French Grant for Undertaking Agriculture’s Pressing Sustainability Challenges

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EarthDaily Agro is proud to announce it has been named winner of the 2022 i-Nov Innovation Competition, a prestigious French contest for innovative companies and industry disruptors. The award recognizes the significant advancements EarthDaily Agro is contributing to agricultural sustainability through its current analytics capabilities and next-generation EarthDaily satellite constellation currently under development. “The world’s…

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