Satellite – Scaling Up Carbon Farming 

In recent years, many studies on carbon farming practices have been done. Optimizing carbon capture on working landscapes is expanding in the United States and in other major production areas around the world. In coordination with these efforts, a framework is being structured that encompasses political and financial incentives, regulatory frameworks, contracted production, and debate…

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If You’re Looking for Agribusiness Solutions, Look to the Sky

There are more than 8,000 satellites orbiting the Earth today — and almost as many different jobs they’re doing up there. Satellites have been helping humans solve problems for years. From capturing solar power to enabling global communications to viewing the deep reaches of space, satellites have been behind some of the biggest technological advancements…

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Remote sensing for oilseed rape fertilisation – How EarthDaily Agro supports nitrogen management.

Satellite imagery technology is a component of precision agriculture that accompanies agricultural practices. During this winter period in Western Europe, satellite images are being used on winter oilseed rape fields to adapt nitrogen fertilisation and better distribute it into the field, thanks to variability maps. Biomass is an indicator of the amount of nitrogen absorbed…

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5 Takeaways on 2022 Global Crop Production Powered by Earth Observation

Every year comes with its own crop production challenges, but few years in recent memory compare with the disruptions of 2022. From the war in Ukraine to extreme weather patterns to rising population and more, a host of challenges tested the resilience of the entire agricultural supply chain. All year long, expert agronomists at EarthDaily…

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Reducing Insurance Risk With Proactive Action Powered by Earth Observation

A leading French agricultural insurer harnesses powerful weather and climate data from EarthDaily Agro to better predict risk and establish policy, enabling the company to respond proactively and ultimately support its bottom line. Insurance by nature can be a reactive business, which often creates challenges for insurers as it exposes them to risk. A leading…

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Growing New Business for Wanaka by Creating Efficiencies With Earth Observation

Software company Wanaka helps farmers increase yields and meet compliance regulations in France through partnership with EarthDaily Agro. The <geosys/> platform—satellite imaging, geospatial analytics and expert service—drills down to the field level to determine variable-rate nitrogen applications. French software company Wanaka supports farmers through a range of services, including fertilizer application, crop protection and soil…

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EarthDaily Agro Awarded Prestigious French Grant for Undertaking Agriculture’s Pressing Sustainability Challenges

grant use

EarthDaily Agro is proud to announce it has been named winner of the 2022 i-Nov Innovation Competition, a prestigious French contest for innovative companies and industry disruptors. The award recognizes the significant advancements EarthDaily Agro is contributing to agricultural sustainability through its current analytics capabilities and next-generation EarthDaily satellite constellation currently under development. “The world’s…

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Wheat Price Pressure Increasing Amid Global Supply Shortages, EarthDaily Agro Monitoring Shows in Advance of USDA World Agriculture Production Report

Wheat field header image

In advance of the forthcoming World Agriculture Production report from the USDA to be released May 12, EarthDaily Agro is issuing a special alert on anticipated price pressure on global wheat stemming from supply shortages related to the war in Ukraine and challenging growing conditions in Europe and the U.S. Following our earlier Global Wheat…

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Examining Global Barley Supply Disruption Amid the Russia-Ukraine War


Today’s global food supply chain is highly connected, and the current war in Ukraine has created a tangible disruption in worldwide food security — specifically when it comes to wheat, corn, barley, sunflower/rapeseed and fertilizer. In response, EarthDaily Analytics and its EarthDaily Agro agriculture division are harnessing the power of Earth Observation technology to actively…

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