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EarthDaily Agro Awarded Prestigious French Grant for Undertaking Agriculture’s Pressing Sustainability Challenges

EarthDaily Agro is proud to announce it has been named winner of the 2022 i-Nov Innovation Competition, a prestigious French contest for innovative companies and industry disruptors. The award recognizes the significant advancements EarthDaily Agro is contributing to agricultural sustainability through its current analytics capabilities and next-generation EarthDaily satellite constellation currently under development.

“The world’s most pressing sustainability challenges require the world’s most innovative solutions,” said Dr. David Gebhardt, General Manager of EarthDaily Agro. “We’re committed to investing in our company, our technology and our people to continue being a leading voice in how agriculture can evolve in new ways to help improve our environment. The i-Nov grant is a testament to the talent and dedication of this team, and as a leader, nothing makes me prouder than that.”

The €950k grant will provide critical funding for EarthDaily Agro to continue its current work in collaboration with the Center for Space Studies of the Biosphere (Cesbio-INRAE).

As a researcher, I am deeply convinced that earth observation technologies will play a major role in the development of more effective climate change mitigation strategies in agriculture,” said Eric Ceschia, INRAE Research Director assigned to CESBIO. I am very pleased to be able to contribute my expertise and support EarthDaily Agro’s efforts to deploy this technology on a global scale.”

Earth Observation-based analytics have proven capability to drive tangible improvements in agricultural sustainability. For example, through ongoing monitoring, EarthDaily Agro can quantify the impact of regenerative ag practices such as crop rotation, cover-cropping and no-till farming so producers and the companies that support them can optimize their sustainability efforts while also maintaining healthy, profitable operations.

“Agriculture is the world’s largest industry, said Cécile Tartarin, Vice President of Research and Development at EarthDaily Agro. “Ongoing innovation in agriculture is crucial, and as this recognition from i-Nov shows, our team is more than up to the task. This grant will provide significant enhancements to the <geosys/> platform, and with our forthcoming EarthDaily constellation, we’ll provide agriculture and beyond with cutting-edge, analytic-ready data. The future of sustainability will be greatly enhanced by Earth Observation and geospatial analytics, and we at EarthDaily Agro are excited to contribute to the future of ag.”

The i-Nov Innovation Competition is endorsed by France’s prime minister and ADEME, the country’s environment and energy management agency. The project is funded by the French government as part of France 2030.

“As a researcher, I strongly believe in the role of Earth Observation technology to develop strategies for climate mitigation in agriculture,” said Dr. Eric Ceschia, Director of Research at Inrae/Cesbio, a renowned remote sensing lab focused on the biosphere. “I am very happy to bring my expertise and support to EarthDaily Agro’s effort to deploy this technology at a global scale.”

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