EarthDaily Agro Establishes Strategic Partnership with DigiFarm for Best-in-Class Field Boundary Creation

Integration of DigiFarm’s deep neural network models to enhance speed and scalability of EarthDaily Agro’s downstream analytics offering to agriculture and related industries

EarthDaily Agro (“ED Agro”), a subsidiary of EarthDaily Analytics, is proud to announce the establishment of a strategic partnership with Norwegian ag-tech startup DigiFarm. Through the partnership, ED Agro’s best-in-class downstream EO analytics solution for agriculture and related sectors will be augmented with DigiFarm’s cutting-edge A.I. solution for quickly and accurately delineating property boundaries.

Utilizing a state-of-the-art deep neural network model for Field Delineation, DigiFarm provides 12-15% higher accuracy than current existing datasets based on models using super-high resolution (1m per/pixel) coupled with extensive training data. This level of accuracy of delineation (average IoU of 0.94) allows measurement of fields or zones in a field within 0.5% automatically with no need for an on-site field visit. EarthDaily Agro’s Digital Ag and Fintech customers stand to benefit from the expanded efficiency and functionality that this feature enables, including faster on-boarding of customers, application of value-added analytics to a wider range of field sizes, and materially faster claims loss adjustment and payment.

Dave Gebhardt, General Manager of EarthDaily Agro, commented: “When the goal of EO analytics is to provide clear and actionable insights to customers in agriculture and related industries, accurate field boundaries are both an absolute necessity and historically a significant barrier to broad ag tech adoption. By providing highly accurate field delineation through a fully automated A.I. solution, this strategic partnership with DigiFarm makes it possible for EarthDaily Agro to eliminate a resource-intensive process without compromising the quality of our end product. We are constantly evaluating emerging technologies, practices, and delivery channels to ensure that EarthDaily Agro provides the best possible value and insights to our customers in agriculture, insurance, commodity trading, and related industries, and we believe that DigiFarm’s innovative field delineation offering fits perfectly into that mission.”

Nils Helset, Co-Founder & CEO of DigiFarm, commented: “DigiFarm’s scalable and accurate automatic field boundary detection empowers farmers and precision farming advisors to focus on the crucial work of producing crops and maximizing yields, rather than spending significant time and resources manually transposing boundaries onto satellite images. As a 15th generation farmer, I keenly appreciate that a farmer’s time is a finite resource. Through this partnership with EO industry leader EarthDaily Agro, I am proud that our A.I. software solution will make it possible for vastly more farmers, precision farming analysts, and EO scientists to spend their precious time and resources on what they do best: understanding and producing the vitally important crops that feed, clothe, and power the world. The entire DigiFarm team is very excited about this partnership, and we envisage this being a strategic, long-term partnership which will bring innovation and real-world benefits, at scale, to the ag industry.

About DigiFarm

DigiFarm is one of Norway’s leading ag-tech startups, having spent the last years developing the technology for automatically detecting the highest accuracy field boundaries and seeded acres using deep neural network models and super resolved EO-data, to power precision agriculture, digitisation and in-field analytics, worldwide. Since 2019 DigiFarm has delineated over 550 million hectares across 57 countries, reducing the cost and time of manual digitization of agricultural field boundaries by over 95%.

About EarthDaily Agro

EarthDaily Agro, based in Maple Grove, Minn., is a division of Vancouver, Canada-based EarthDaily Analytics (EDA), a vertically integrated data processing and analytics company, utilizing cutting-edge Big Data tools and proven Space technologies to provide value-added insights to the people, businesses, and governmental entities confronting the world’s most pressing challenges. Through EarthDaily Agro, EDA has a track record of more than 35 years as a leader in the collection and commercial application of Earth Observation data for agriculture analytics.

With launches in 2024, EDA is moving the state of the Change Detection industry forward with the introduction of the EarthDaily Constellation. Supported by best-in-class project partners including Loft Orbital, Airbus, ABB, and SpaceX, the EarthDaily Constellation will provide spectrally robust, analytics-ready data covering nearly 100% of the world’s landmasses and key maritime regions, collected at the same time every day. Pairing the unmatched data collection of the EarthDaily Constellation with EarthPipeline, the world’s first fully managed, endlessly scalable ground segment pipeline-as-a-service, EarthDaily Analytics is bringing the world’s most advanced change detection system to bear on the biggest challenges facing businesses, governments, and humanity as a whole.

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Elizabeth Duffy
Senior Marketing Manager, EarthDaily,