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Employee Spotlight: Clement Peyrard

Clément joined EarthDaily Agro in January 2019 with the mission to bring a machine and deep learning flavor to the company to monitor agriculture at scale. He holds a PhD in AI applied to Super-Resolution and gained geospatial experience working on GeoIntelligence applications in the UK. From day one, he found applying his skill to the world of agriculture at EarthDaily Agro monitoring challenging and exciting.

Many of the company’s products already integrate such analytics from automatically detected field boundaries to crop yield and biophysical parameters estimations. He dedicates most of his work to tackling the main challenges faced while developing algorithms, such as the variability encountered in agricultural landscapes all over the globe and the lack of reference data in certain areas. Additionally, he is continuously monitors the progress of the remote sensing and AI scientific communities.

When he’s not playing piano with his one-year-old, he promotes an integrated approach with the Geosys platform by EarthDaily Agro where humans and artificial intelligence can meet to lead to a more sustainable future. With the upcoming EarthDaily constellation, he believes artificial intelligence will be a core technology to help data scientists, agronomists and farmers make sense of the super spectral spatio-temporal revolution. He envisions complex yet explainable AI models to be the key to build trust and bring efficient insights to our constellation of customers.