Employee Spotlight: Felippe Reis

For four and half years, Felippe Reis worked as a consultant and market analyst focusing on the agricultural and livestock market. He quickly became enamoured with reviewing and analyzing data.

“I’ve always appreciated how clear and accurate data can be used to support those working in the agricultural landscape,” Reis said. “However, official market estimates can sometimes have a lag of months between one estimate and another. This can lead to missed opportunities.”

When Reis learned about crop analysis at EarthDaily Agro, he was impressed by the fact that crop and weather analysis reports were available on a weekly basis. He knew this was a role he wanted to transition into.

Now he’s been working at EarthDaily Agro as a crop analyst for more than a year and a half and takes pride in the accurate and timely data he’s able to provide his clients.

“From information obtained through satellite images, we can anticipate agricultural production throughout the entire world,” he said. “Our ready-to-use applications can be utilized in crop production monitoring, daily crop scouting and precision agriculture. Case-specific solutions can even be used to address a wide variety of business needs.”

Like many in the crop analysis industry, Reis is excited about the advancement of data and how it can help clients reduce risk and make well-informed decisions.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our global experts can help your business with weekly crop and weather analysis, send us a message to get started.