Employee Spotlight: Mickaël Attia

What do you get when you mix the experiences of an engineer, an agronomist, and a drone operator? One remarkable crop analyst. 

When Mickaël Attia joined the EarthDaily Agro team in 2017 he came with this solid foundation of practices, giving him the knowledge to effectively communicate crop data analysis to partners and clients. 

As the leading company in the acquisition, processing, and delivery of satellite data for the agricultural industry, Mickaël knew he wanted to join the EarthDaily Agro team. In his role, he focuses on analyzing the data in order to draw conclusions about the state of crops around the world. His main purpose is to communicate these elements in an effective way to support unbiased decision making and risk mitigation.

“From sharing a weather alert with an agricultural insurer to providing a drop estimate in production following a frost for a wheat buyer, the goals of my analyses are always characterized by the desire to meet the need of our customers,” Mickaël said. 

Attia views himself as part weather presenter, part agricultural advisor, and part computer scientist, which are all essential to being an effective crop analyst. 

“My goal is to bring added value to your business to help manage the uncertainties and risks inherent in agriculture.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about how our global experts, like Mickaël, can help your business with weekly crop and weather analysis, send us a message to get started.