Employee Spotlight: Moses Ramos

As an agriculture engineer with an MBA in business technology, Moses Ramos has always had a deep enthusiasm for the use of technology and data analysis in agriculture. Since 2016, he has focused on the use of digital ag tools for problem-solving, risk assessment, and crop management.

Before joining the EarthDaily Agro team, Ramos worked for two large food and bio-energy production projects in Brazil, evaluating new technologies for applying them to the agronomic development and management of sugarcane, grains, and tomato crops. Now, as the EarthDaily Agro sales and business development manager, he helps customers obtain monitoring solutions and analytics to make data-driven decisions.

“At EarthDaily Agro, we seek to understand the needs of our customers so we can provide customized solutions and analytics,” said Ramos. “Driven by a passion to help our customers exceed their goals, we always push ourselves to deliver innovative solutions that help mitigate everyday risks.” 

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