portrait of Pierre

Employee Spotlight: Pierre Carrere

Pierre joined EarthDaily Agro in early 2017 as Farmsat Product Manager. Prior to EarthDaily Agro, he was working on Precision Ag topic Products as part of the Farmsat Team. At Arvalis-Institut du Végétal, he had the opportunity to learn about applied remote sensing from reference Agronomists in France.

Moving from Precision Ag to regional monitoring, he supported the launch of our Agriquest tool 4.0 by taking the lead on this product in 2018.

Seeing Project Management as the capability of making various backgrounds successfully working together, he is now focused on identifying new value propositions by supporting discussion between Business Development and R&D Teams.

Pierre says that turning complex and accurate algorithms provided by the best scientists into easy-to-use tools and ready-to-use answers adapted to operational decision is the key for Remote sensing success in Agriculture.

When not in a meeting discussing how AI and Satellite can be used to support Ag Challenges, you could find him on the Family Farm in Southwest of France.