Employee Spotlight – Yuriy Pekun

While working at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Yuriy Pekun discovered a deep passion for agriculture. This led him to pursue and obtain a master’s degree in agronomy and crop science, which was a turning point in his career.

Before joining the EarthDaily Agro team, he served as an agronomist for seed growing companies.  Yuriy spent a lot of time in fields where he was able to learn and exchange experiences with other agronomists and growers. He says this experience is what helped him find a common language that he can utilize throughout the agriculture industry and fintech.

“For example, I can go from discussing crop production with a cotton grower in Uzbekistan to suggesting new ag insurance solutions to a Russian insurance company director, as well as to a bank representative in Ukraine who needs monitoring tools for lending to an agricultural producer,” Yuriy said. “This is certainly something I use on a daily basis in my role at EarthDaily Agro.”

As the business development manager, Yuriy has played a major role in growing the EarthDaily Agro presence. Throughout the last five years, he has had a role in acquiring partners in various areas of business including agricultural insurance, banking, and precision farming. In addition, he helped onboard some of the largest agricultural holdings in Eastern Europe as EarthDaily Agro software users.

Pekun recognizes his accomplishments and is proud of the strong growth the company has had. As the company continues to grow, so does its capabilities and solutions. Yuriy views these tools as resources to help address some of the bigger issues we face at a global level.

“We are all witnessing more and more challenges associated with climate change and uneven distribution of food. I believe the development of high-quality meteorological and satellite monitoring can help manage risks, and preserve and multiply yields,” he said. “Our company is constantly looking for opportunities to develop and improve its services in accordance with emerging challenges.”

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