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What EarthDaily Agro Can Do for You

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Uncover Invisible Weather Insights

  • Satellite imagery provides data based on signals the plant sends – invisible signals often before the visible can be seen - it reads the plant’s health at the moment.
  • Monitoring the NDVI of these crops helps us understand if they will recover and to what degree. Even when visible signals are obvious – such as wind damage to fields –there are still factors that cannot be seen with the human eye.
  • Determine production risks by identifying the actual impact of weather events on crops.

Predict the Future

  • Use EarthDaily Argo’s scientific-grade data: a powerful combination of satellite and weather data with daily updates and a historical database that goes back at least 25 years.
  • Better forecast yield, quality, and harvest planning using our historical database to the current dataset. Understand your field’s current and future status based on how that compares to past yields.
  • Answer specific questions, such as identifying the “right” place to grow specific crops. Whether it’s using existing analytics or working to create, test, and apply new analytics, our team is ready to help.


  • Get yield answers ahead of moving news and government reports by monitoring global crop conditions.
  • Learn a field’s history even before meeting with a grower.
  • Gain production estimates for key growing regions. EarthDaily Agro can tell companies exactly what will be collected at a farm level and when by monitoring production, quality, and timing metrics – insights that support logistics decisions at the plant, procurement or field support staff.

Leading Companies Trust EarthDaily Agro

Over the last 30 years EarthDaily Agro has provided solutions to a number of keystone clients and industries including:

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Examples of Analytics


Vegetation vigor comparison to average

We monitor all the crop vegetation around the world so you can see how the current season is performing vs the past. Improved vegetation health this year is a great indicator of potential yield improvement. When a region is falling behind it is important to know if there is enough time left in the season to catch up or will the supply fall short.

Soil moisture comparison to average

Soil moisture is a great early indicator of vegetation to come. If a region is drier than normal for an extended time you will likely see the vegetation fall behind and lower yields at the end of the season. We are monitoring soil moisture conditions and precipitation forecasts all year long in our tools to alert for risk of drought and gain early knowledge of this season’s yield potential.


Snow depth in relation to winter kill risk

Did the recent cold spell cause damage to the winter wheat crop in Ukraine or Kansas? Understanding the snow depth is key to answering this question. We process and store many weather parameters like snow depth which are crucial to decision makers who want to react quickly.

Commodities Trading & Logistics Solutions

geosys Platform

Global crop monitoring to inform supply conditions and manage risk

Expert Service

Delivering comprehensive, reliable crop intelligence and global production estimates

Geosys API

Seamlessly connect your applications with the highest quality data and analytics

Use Cases

Dennis has found a comprehensive solution for monitoring the marketing area for his facility with the geosys Platform. The use of unbiased, reliable data has helped him better understand the production near his facility in real time. Not only has he been able to monitor his marketing area, but he can monitor local competition which keeps him ahead of the curve.

Additional Services

Consulting services to help define strategies for using and maximizing EarthDaily Agro analytics.

Customization services – from user interface, to dashboards, to custom applications – we help to ensure your business needs are being addressed.

Configuration services to ensure our applications best meet your specific business needs for alerts, benchmarks and more.

API integration support to define the best workflows and strategy for integration with our platforms.