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With the power of the Geosys Platform, you have instant access to satellite imagery and weather information, in agricultural areas, across the globe – updated daily.



The data is served your way. Our APIs can deliver data in multiple formats and styles (imagery, raw data, vector, reflectance, zoned maps and/or counts.) We allow you flexibility to optimize your data flow with group calls and many filtering options for complex requests.

API Catalog


Field Vegetation Indexes Maps

  • NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index), CVI (Chlorophyll Vegetation Index), GNDVI (Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), LAI (Leaf Area Index) and more if needed.
  • Color composition maps: True and False colors maps used to visualize vegetation cover.
  • Vegetation Time series: vegetation growth measured daily

Field Agronomy Maps

  • Yield Variability and Yield Goal Map
  • Organic Matter Map
  • Satellite derived Management Zones
  • Elevation and slopes map
  • Nitrogen application maps (for wheat, barley, canola and more)

Weather Data

  • Multi-model dataset covering historical, current weather and forecasts
  • Several aggregation levels: admin unit, small ag region and location based
  • Ag parameters: temp min, max, average, rainfall, wind speed, humidity, snow depth, atmospheric pressure, soil moisture and temperature Precipitations (Daily)

Notifications and Warnings

Get information as soon as available on our Platform, and focus on key information or anomalies

  • New satellite image notification
  • Difference map with anomaly detection
  • Fields benchmarking
  • Vigor status change

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