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The geosys Platform is a cloud-based service that provides the critical capabilities needed throughout the analytic process - from data connectivity to the data preparation and enrichment needed to create analytics-ready data, to advanced analytics and modeling, to flexible delivery options that provide reporting, visualization, and collaboration - all without compromising security or governance.


Fast and Efficient

We partner with your team to easily integrate data into your solution.
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With the power of the Geosys Platform, you have instant access to satellite imagery and weather information, in agricultural areas, across the globe – updated daily.



The data is served your way. Our APIs can deliver data in multiple formats and styles (imagery, raw data, vector, reflectance, zoned maps and/or counts.) We allow you flexibility to optimize your data flow with group calls and many filtering options for complex requests.

Advanced data collection, processing, and presentation converge on the EarthDaily Agro geosys platform.


Seamlessly connect your applications with the highest quality data and analytics.

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Field Vegetation
Indexes Maps

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index), CVI (Chlorophyll Vegetation Index), GNDVI (Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), LAI (Leaf Area Index) and more if needed.

Color composition maps: True and False colors maps used to visualize vegetation cover.

Vegetation Time series: vegetation growth measured daily

Field Agronomy

Yield Variability and Yield Goal Map

Organic Matter Map

Satellite derived Management Zones

Elevation and slopes map

Nitrogen application maps (for wheat, barley, canola and more)

Weather Data

Multi-model dataset covering historical, current weather and forecasts

Several aggregation levels: admin unit, small ag region and location based

Ag parameters: temp min, max, average, rainfall, wind speed, humidity, snow depth, atmospheric pressure, soil moisture and temperature Precipitations (Daily)

Notifications and

Get information as soon as available on our Platform, and focus on key information or anomalies

New satellite image notification

Difference map with anomaly detection

Fields benchmarking

Vigor status change

How It Works

Delivering answers to better power your decision-making processes.


Data Sourcing

We collect from a variety of data sources, including our EarthDaily Constellation, which provides a unique and unmatched daily flow of pixels on the entire globe, and supplemental data for weather, radar, drone, statistics, and specialty data.


Multiple Access Options

Choose the delivery based on the user and need: Business Users, Data Scientists, Developers, and third-party systems. 


Analytic Ready Data

EarthPipeline technology translates every pixel collected and historical data into comprehensive normalized Analytics Ready Data fit for the Geosys platform.


Delivery Modules

Business Users, Data Scientists, Developers, and third-party systems. Expand and enrich your systems with analytics through our API, Stream, and Blocks


Advanced Analytics

Combine and interpret analysis-ready data using models highlighting data patterns to create a meaningful insight at scale. Leverage AI and Machine learning to continuously improve detection sensitivity, prediction accuracy, and scalability.

Ready to Get Started?

Our purpose is to deliver easy-to-use analytics that reduce everyday risks, making agriculture more resilient.


Precision for Digital Ag Companies

Digital Ag Companies are now able to manage trials, verify sustainability and measure weather impacts more successfully and efficiently.


Visibility for Fintech Companies

Lenders and insurers verify farmer’s planting dates, control crop progress, forecast the health of crop produce, as well as detect any fraud. Therefore, mitigating risks becomes vastly easier.


A Head Start for Commodity Traders

Trading firms leverage insights before they are made public by government reports, and easy API integrations feed seamlessly into trading platforms and models.


Security for Food & Beverage Companies

Food & bev manufacturers ensure supply disruptions are reduced. Moreover, they are able to manage demand through proactive pricing strategies.

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