Accessible analytics contribute to the insights for agribusiness derived from the ground every day. Our cloud-based geosys Platform minimizes risks by providing vegetation indexes, agronomic analytics, weather data, and more to meet your Agri-information needs.


Digital Ag

Enable insights-driven farming to streamline products within the field and between fields to transform crop management and food systems. EarthDaily Agro delivers detailed, accurate, and timely status of crops throughout the world. By using the geosys Platform, you empower your crop management to identify and qualify in-field and between-field zones enabling practice adjustment based on measured crop performance.


EarthDaily Agro provides an accurate and documented understanding of current and past land use for agriculture. Change detection to verify the truth to mitigate risk in lending and insurance. Optimize portfolio management through risk identification


Commodities Trading and Logistics

EarthDaily Agro provides trading organizations with a competitive edge by delivering real-time crop status and analytics on crop performance to confidently predict harvest output.

Food & Beverage

EarthDaily Agro provides Historical Analytics for a better understanding of historical crop performances, In-Season Monitoring and Global/Regional Reports to monitor current crop conditions, as well as Production Forecasts through weekly production reports and webinars and calls.