Q&A: Integration with John Deere Operations Center

Last July, we proudly announced our integration with the John Deere Operations Center. By making maps from our Croptical tool available through the Operations Center, dealers across the globe have access to industry-leading satellite imagery to enable better decision making throughout the growing season. Plus, Croptical gives you access to advanced data analytics for comprehensive field support. Easily monitor day-to-day field performance with daily updates or integrate our new Field Focus alert system to better inform the individual growers you support throughout the season.

You can learn about connecting your John Deere account with the EarthDaily Agro platform here, but we wanted to take a moment to answer some common questions:

How often are the images updated and available in the John Deere platform?

This can be customized based on your needs. For example, we can set it up to deliver 1 map per week or we can send everything we collect over your area of interest.

Am I able to have historical images?

Yes and no. You can always access historical images through our EarthDaily Agro platform. However, the Operations Center will only start integrating images from your stated planting date or from when the account first connects to EarthDaily Agro.

Are we able to generate variable rate maps?

You can create variable rate maps using EarthDaily Agro tools, however there are some restrictions in creating maps directly within the Operation Center. If this is something you’re interested in doing, contact us and we can help you work through some options. As John Deere is continuously making updates to the Operation Center, we will keep users posted on new opportunities for further integration.

Is there a “demo” account available?

Yes, we can easily set up a demo account. Contact us to get started!

What about pricing?

We find that everyone is in a different place in their precision agriculture journey – which truly impacts the needs of your business and your customers. Contact us to customize a pricing model that best suits the needs of your business today while supporting your future growth.


We know this probably doesn’t answer all of your questions which is why we have team members across the globe ready to help. No matter where you are in your precision agriculture journey, we have tools, solutions and insights to help support your business needs.