Revolutionizing the Agricultural Financial Market

Using Data and Technology to Mitigate Uncertainties, Increase Operational Efficiency, and Reduce Costs


Founded by MIT alumni, the ag-fintech company Traive is embracing technology to disrupt the financial industry. In fact, their current mission is to revolutionize the agricultural finance sector through data technology and machine learning. Based in Brazil and the U.S., the company maintains strong connections with MIT research labs, and with world-class team members, mentors, and advisors, Traive is strongly positioned at the heart of the innovation hub of the world. They’re already shaping the next generation of technologies by turning unique insights into opportunities, and ideas into realities.


Better Decision Making for Lenders and Growers

Credit has been a fundamental tool for the development of Brazilian agriculture for decades and has continued to grow significantly to meet the demand of the industry. Since crop and cattle raising is a capital-intensive activity with long production cycles, access to said capital through credit is one of the most important inputs for Brazilian agribusiness.


To allow market players to continue to offer more credit at competitive costs and low risks, the use of remote sensing tools is essential to quantify variables. Massive geospatial data analysis tools allow lenders to more efficiently and precisely analyze the profile of each property. With detailed analysis, users can make better decisions and generate important savings through systematic risk reduction or a better equalization of the risk-return ratio of each financial operation.


Remote Sensing Reduces Risk

While Traive had the know-how and tools, they were still in need of current and historical satellite imagery, weather data sets, and mechanisms to extract intelligence from images and indices. Perhaps they were looking for a solution that delivered on a frequent cadence with reliable quality.


Now for almost two years, Traive has partnered with EarthDaily Agro to gain access to geospatial data analysis tools. Through weather data and satellite images, Traive is able to make important decisions.


“The service and products provided by EarthDaily Agro are of high quality. We realized that with this partnership, we added greater accuracy to our models and were able to offer more efficient and accurate crop monitoring.”

  • Gabriel Kamada, Partnership Manager


By combining efforts with EarthDaily Agro, Traive could focus their efforts on their core activities and thus have even more robust management of their creditors.


The solutions offered by EarthDaily Agro have become possible and valuable in recent years with the increase in computer processing capacity, acquisition and treatment of satellite and radar images, as well as the preparation of the agricultural sector for rapid absorption of these technologies. All this culminates in the generation of extremely accurate data, providing high-quality analysis and insights that bring value to the entire agricultural credit chain.


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