Roundtable Recap: AgTech – The Role of Tech in a New Green World

On Tuesday, November 9, Bloomberg hosted a virtual roundtable to discuss how decision-makers in the AgTech industry are utilizing technology to give business and society new tools to tackle the world’s most perplexing issues. Through the lens of emerging technologies, industry leaders examined how local economies can use technology to become more self-sufficient in agriculture, strengthen the global food supply, and combat world hunger.


Cécile Tartarin, the Vice President of Products and Solutions at EarthDaily Agro, highlighted how collaboration and traceability is a growing expectation of consumers. “To interconnect the different parts of the chain through traceability systems is a real opportunity for people to have more visibility into how the crops are grown.”


She also spoke to the challenge of fragmentation of AgTech solutions available to the industry stating, “Agtech can be very fragmented and that is where collaboration and connectivity has to happen between the different solution providers.” She proposed the idea of collaborating through APIs in order to integrate technology and provide one comprehensive solution to growers.


Hosted by Michael Hirtzer, Bloomberg’s agriculture reporter, the round table focused on how organizations are adopting an agile mindset to achieve their goals. 


You can watch the video of the full discussion here.