Traive Finance powered by EarthDaily Agro

Traive, an ag-fintech company, is working towards its current mission to revolutionize the agricultural finance sector through data technology and machine learning. Based in Brazil and the U.S., the company has partnered with EarthDaily Agro to gain access to geospatial data analysis tools. 


These tools allow them to more efficiently and precisely analyze the profile of each property and make better decisions, generating important savings through systematic risk reduction. This allows Traive to focus their efforts on their core activities and thus have even more robust management of their creditors.


On November 18, Fabricio Pezente, Traive CEO, will join a webinar to discuss how EarthDaily Agro solutions allows them to regularly demonstrate to customers the benefit of a more careful and regional risk assessment to show how localized data is impacting credit terms. 


During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • The importance of quality and reliable data in enhancing outcomes and how low-quality data is a risk
  • The evolution of the credit market towards a more granular assessment
  • How Traive is applying these new principles to drive innovation in the credit market


Register today to see EarthDaily Agro in action and learn more about how these solutions can drive your business forward.