Stand with Ukraine

The Power of Earth Observation to Empower Recovery


A leader in Earth Observation, EarthDaily Agro is harnessing the power of Earth Observation to empower companies, government and individuals to address the world’s most challenging problems. Front and center are the direct and indirect impacts of war in one of the most important crop production regions of the world.

War in Ukraine has disrupted the short-term food supply and for years to come across the globe. EarthDaily has initiated several efforts to deliver the data the world needs to predict and midigate the impacts for today and for the long term.

Working with leading crop input suppliers, NGOs and governmental agencies, the SUFC is helping Ukrainian agriculture recover from the impacts of war. This partnership is critical to create a more fruitful long-term future and sustainable global food supply.


In coordination with Ukraine based Agrilab, we empower satellite-derived solutions for Ukrainian farmers.  This addresses their immediate needs—maximizing the return on limited resources and making a much-needed impact quickly.

Ongoing observation of global crop production and general health around wheat, corn, barley and rapeseed. Central to detecting early-warning signs of food insecurity and providing insights for alternative sources of food worldwide.