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Wheat Price Pressure Increasing Amid Global Supply Shortages, EarthDaily Agro Monitoring Shows in Advance of USDA World Agriculture Production Report

In advance of the forthcoming World Agriculture Production report from the USDA to be released May 12, EarthDaily Agro is issuing a special alert on anticipated price pressure on global wheat stemming from supply shortages related to the war in Ukraine and challenging growing conditions in Europe and the U.S.

Following our earlier Global Wheat Crop Report, our most recent monitoring of global wheat growth confirms that ongoing risks continue to persist.

  • U.S.: Much of the U.S.’s wheat-producing regions have experienced severe drought conditions this spring, tangibly impacting crop health across the country. A number of dependent importers including Mexico, Japan, the Philippines and more may be put at risk as a result.

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  • Europe: Low temperatures throughout April combined with below-average precipitation in much of Europe is jeopardizing crop health regionwide, posing a threat to countries that historically rely on European wheat imports, which include Algeria, Morocco, China, Egypt and others.



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About the initiative

EarthDaily Analytics and its EarthDaily Agro agriculture division are harnessing the power of Earth Observation technology to actively monitor crop health around the world. Through this monitoring, EarthDaily is able to detect early warning signs of production distress, equipping food security organizations to take proactive action.

Learn more about the initiative at www.earthdailyagro.com/ukraine.

For more information, contact our analysts, who can provide daily crop monitoring, weather forecasting and production estimation of crop-producing regions worldwide.