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EarthDaily Agro Customers Share How Earth Observation Benefits Their Businesses

Coinciding with its refreshed identity and enhanced services, EarthDaily Agro recently hosted a virtual panel with two of its industry-leading customers to discuss how their businesses have benefitted from earth observation technology. The discussion focused on the multitude of ways global agribusinesses are leveraging geospatial insights from satellite imagery to solve today’s business challenges including carbon, land use, input efficiencies supply chains and more.

Moderated by EarthDaily Agro’s vice president of marketing, Andrew Mullin, the panel included EarthDaily Agro’s general manager, Dave Gebhardt, along with parent company EarthDaily Analytics’ president, CEO and director, Don Osborne. Also participating were EarthDaily Agro customers Teddy Bekele, chief technology officer of Land O’Lakes, one of America’s premier agribusiness and food companies, and Fabricio Pezente, CEO of Traive, the digital platform that connects the entire agricultural chain to the capital market.

“EarthDaily Agro is a key partner for us in our mission to bring data-driven insights to farmers,” Bekele said. “For farmers, it’s not just about growing the biggest crop anymore, it’s also about growing the right crop. And because EarthDaily Agro is evolving to meet those needs, we’re able to help farmers make better decisions, be more productive and ultimately increase ROI — making earth observation a key component of the solutions that we’re bringing to market.”

“Our objective at Traive is to make the credit process more fluid for agribusinesses, and that mission is made possible in part by partners like EarthDaily Agro,” Pezente said. “Credit lending requires high transparency at all stages of the process. Satellite imagery from EarthDaily Agro gives us that transparency with powerful ground-level insights, helping us identify the best lending opportunities and also providing lenders a way to monitor their investment.”

More on this panel discussion and how EarthDaily Agro is powering transformation for agribusinesses can be read in a variety of earth observation and agribusiness outlets, including Space News, Geospatial World, SpaceQ, AgWired and PrecisionAg. Additionally, a video recording of the panel event is available on YouTube. Members of the media may contact the company’s public relations specialist, Tyler Coleman, at with questions.