EarthDaily plans on launching a new constellation in 2025, combined with the geosys platform bringing unprecedented, scientific-grade data of the world every day, positioning EarthDaily Analytics to meet the growing needs of diverse industries including Agriculture, Finance & Insurance, Natural Resources Management, Infrastructure & Land Use, Climate Change, Environment Sustainability & Governance and more.

We bring 35 years of experience in the collection and commercial application of Earth Observation data for agriculture analytics.

The most sophisticated change detection system ever developed

Daily data (~10:30) for agriculture, lending, insurance, commodities, food and beverage, and sustainability.

Friction-free distribution of subscription satellite imagery and products.

Risk Under Control

Agricultural supply chain is firmly interconnected with farmers' success and depends on various factors and potential threats to their crops. Consequently, all these affect digital ag companies, FinTech companies, commodity traders, food and beverage manufacturers, and sustainability organizations. 

Taking Action With Unrivaled Data

Exceptional risk exposure needs equally exceptional risk control. Crop health can be accurately monitored and forecasted with EarthDaily, which mitigates risks for agribusiness. This enables organizations to take proper action towards the health of our planet with the most accurate analytics-ready data.

Reduce Unknowns With Global Visibility


Precision for Digital Ag Companies

Digital Ag Companies are now able to manage trials, verify sustainability and measure weather impacts more successfully and efficiently.


Visibility for Fintech Companies

Lenders and insurers verify farmer's planting dates, control crop progress, forecast the health of crop produce, as well as detect any fraud. Therefore, mitigating risks becomes vastly easier.


A Head Start for Commodity Traders

Trading firms leverage insights before they are made public by government reports, and easy API integrations feed seamlessly into trading platforms and models.


Security for Food & Beverage Companies

Food & bev manufacturers ensure supply disruptions are reduced. Moreover, they are able to manage demand through proactive pricing strategies.

Tailored for De-Risking Agriculture

Delivering answers to better power your decision-making processes.

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Complete Picture

A reliable source of unparalleled data with global coverage, which eliminates the need for multiple data providers.

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Fast Answers

Daily coverage provides near real-time data to customers, and our full vertical integration improves speed, quality and automation of analytic-ready data.

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Custom Integration

Integrating seamlessly into your existing workflows, enabling optimal value for your investment.

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Historical Insights

Providing more than 30 years of historical data and extensive institutional knowledge to make the best decisions.

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Proven Track Record

We bring tremendous experience as agriculture's Earth Observation leader for over 35 years.

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Crop Health Analytics for Holistic Insights


Date of Planting

Soil Condition

Crop Classification

Emergence Date

Tillage Activity

Crop Growth Stage

Wind, Flood & Hail

Cover Crops

Field Boundary Digitization

Vegetation Health

Crop Disease

Historical Field-Level Data

Weather Conditions

Planted Acres

Real Stories From Agribusiness Customers

Revolution in Forest Monitoring: Satellites and AI Against Deforestation

Drought reduces corn harvest in north-central Brazil, says EarthDaily

Drought reduces corn harvest in north-central Brazil, says EarthDaily

What Are Your Risk Control Challenges

EarthDaily's industry-leading technology and experienced agronomy team are addressing agriculture's most complex and pressing challenges. Contact our team of experts today to learn how EarthDaily can help you make more confident decisions with 360-degree insights.