EarthDaily Agro Expert Service

Put our global team of crop analysts to work for your business – delivering comprehensive, reliable crop intelligence and global production estimates.

Why Choose Expert Service


Maintain a competitive edge

  • Understand the impact of local weather events on crops production (yield potential and hectares)
  • Assess local basis risk to make hedging decisions and balance your exposure.
  • Receive weekly, comprehensive reports with hotspots identification and actionable answers.

Access accurate, unbiased data

  • Get global insights based on daily satellite and weather data
  • See how current trends compare to historical performance data
  • Quickly assess yield and quality factors with ready to use analytics

Manage your exposure to risk


  • Receive daily alerts for forecasts chances and developing situations
  • Customize your service package with additional reports or one-on-one calls
  • Expand your service with a full subscription to our geosys application
Global Packages
Local Packages


  • Weekly global webinar with state-level global production numbers
  • World in 10 Overview - weekly global highlights email


  • Weekly global webinar with state-level global production numbers
  • World in 10 Overview - weekly global highlights email
  • Access to comprehensive weekly PDF reports
  • Daily updates on the main events of the week and alerts for any new developments
Basic and Standard Packages

Weekly US Webinar

  • Hosted weekly by crop analyst team
  • Includes state-level crop production estimates for key growing regions
  • Starts with a “weekly watch list” to quickly cover the most pressing topics
  • Includes corn and soybean crops for the entire US growing region.

Standard Added Benefit

With an upgrade to the Standard service package, you’ll also receive the full PDF report each week with additional breakdowns of the data. Users with website application subscriptions will also be able to link to data directly in the application.

Basic and Standard Packages

World in 10 Overview

  • Weekly view of the 10 most interesting events in global crop production
  • Highlights focus on events impacting crop production
  • Each highlight includes commentary from our crop analysts and graphical data from the Agriquest® global monitoring tool
Standard Packages

Email Updates and Alerts

  • Get monitoring updates via email
  • See how predicted weather events progress
  • Understand the impact on crop conditions
  • Receive detailed alerts from our crop analysts when unexpected events arise throughout the week

User Support

Customer Support

At EarthDaily Agro, our customer support teams are the face of the company. We provide our customers personalized service delivered by experts who understand your solution, industry, and business. We work with our customers to anticipate challenges, proactively pursue opportunities, and make the whole of our partnership greater than the sum of its parts.

Managed Services

Managed services are the caretakers of the platform performance and maintenance – from data management and hosting, integration across data sets, and data standardization, consistency, and scalability, they take care of it, so you don’t have to.


We provide a set of technical resources supporting developers and data scientists on how to best leverage the geosys Platform. You will find a showcase of projects, packages, connectors, documentation, and templates to create new analytics based on satellite and weather data inputs. Engage with the latest plug-ins and libraries of content related to images, mapping, and development kits, including Qgis, ArcGis, GeosyPy, and Analytic Stream Formatter.


Put our global team of crop analysts to work for your business.