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Manage exposure to risk, improve operational efficiency and develop better insurance and lending offers with leading AgTech for FinTech and InsurTech.

What EarthDaily Agro Can Do for You


exposure to risk

  • Create risk maps for underwriting using 20 years of historical weather conditions
  • Define more accurate premiums and coverages by combining risk maps with field-level vegetation data to better understand individual performances
  • Enable fair market pricing by establishing unique portfolios based on risk profiles

operational efficiency

  • Ease and standardize underwriting by quickly evaluating risk profile
  • Improve cashflow management through policy dispersion maps to immediately detect risky exposures
  • Simplify the claims management process by prioritizing field visits
  • Avoid improper indemnities with satellite maps to validate weather conditions and measure damages

better insurance products

  • Inform new index-based models with accurate, reliable third-party data
  • Use our tools to look at current and historic crop and weather data in any region
  • Demonstrate the value of index-based products to customers with localizes  simulations based on historical data

Leading Companies Trust EarthDaily Agro

Over the last 30 years EarthDaily Agro has provided solutions to a number of keystone clients and industries including:

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Examples of Analytics


Productivity Risk Score Map

Productivity Risk Score is used to understand how much variance there is in performance of a field in past seasons. Fields with a low score tend to produce nearly the same yield every year while those with high scores have some good years and some poor years. Quantifying the production risk is a key indicator when accepting risk associated with insuring or lending money for a field.

Planting Validation

Did your customers plant their crops as they intended? Was the entire field planted, in the right planting window and with the same crop they planned? Our analytics ready data is put to work to provide the answers you need to support your business. We identify emergence, calculate an estimated planting date and flag fields which were not entirely planted.


Crop Identification

Using remote sensing data, we can identify crop planted in fields during the current growing season. This information is very valuable for validating that the grower planted what they intended and what was contracted for. It is also very useful for benchmarking how a given farm or field performs as benchmarked to local conditions.

Insurance and Risk Solutions

geosys Platform

Global crop monitoring to inform supply conditions and manage risk

geosys Platform

Daily decision support tool that monitors and benchmarks fields

Geosys API

Seamlessly connect your applications with the highest quality data and analytics

Use Cases

Tim is an insurance product manager staying ahead of the curve with the geosys Platform global monitoring tool by mapping all his active contracts for daily monitoring. Through the tool, he can track weather and crop conditions in addition to setting alerts for instant notifications of activity that may affect his clients. Tim can quickly see what contracts are affected to know if and where to dispatch his team, and when re-insurance needs to be notified.

The improved use of his resources saves Tim money and the continuous monitoring helps provide perspective for forecasting business needs throughout the year.

Additional Services

Consulting services to help define strategies for using and maximizing EarthDaily Agro analytics.

Customization services – from user interface, to dashboards, to custom applications – we help to ensure your business needs are being addressed.

Configuration services to ensure our applications best meet your specific business needs for alerts, benchmarks and more.

API integration support to define the best workflows and strategy for integration with our platforms.