We are pleased to share that we're changing our name from Geosys to EarthDaily Agro!

Our new name represents the storied evolution and the exciting future of our business to deliver superspectral imagery data and analysis in Agriculture. EarthDaily Agro provides space age data and analytics for the organizations and people who feed the planet.

Importantly, as part of EarthDaily Agro’s DNA, the Geosys brand will live on as the name of EarthDaily Agro’s new next generation software platform - a platform that is easier to use, offers more flexibility, faster speed, and greater scale - to provide more customers with more data in more markets in agriculture.

Increased Quality & Frequency

EarthDaily Analytics will provide EarthDaily Agro customers unparalleled coverage, frequency, and affordability of data to optimize production and reduce risk for agriculture lenders, insurers, input suppliers, and food companies.

Market Segments

Our purpose is to deliver easy-to-use analytics that reduce everyday risks, making agriculture more resilient. We offer in one cloud-based platform: vegetation indexes, agronomic analytics, weather data, and notifications and warnings to meet your information needs.

Precision Ag & Farm Solutions

Monitor and benchmark fields and optimize inputs

Commodities Trading & Logistics

Objectively monitor and analyze crop production

FinTech - Crop Insurance & Financial Risk Mitigation

Minimize risk with unbiased, third-party datafields and optimize inputs

Trusted Expertise

EarthDaily Agro takes pride in understanding and adapting to your unique business needs to deliver answers to better power your decision-making processes.

Agribusiness Experts

We help you choose the right solution and translate global data into localized insights

Experience and Innovation

Proven track record of adaptability and scalability


Everywhere, every day we guarantee scientific grade data

Historical Perspective

Up to 30 years of archive data and maps available instantaneously

Custom Solutions

We can partner with you to create tailored, scalable solutions


Data processing and analysis works with any remote-sensing technology

Ag Technology Solutions

Get started today with ready-to-use applications or discover how we can build a solution tailored to your business.

geosys API

Seamlessly connect your applications with the highest quality data and analytics.

Expert Service

Our crop analysts provide your business with the insights you need.