The geosys Dashboard is for people who require access to analytic insight to perform their job function but prefer to access content others have created. Perfect for business users who need data to perform many of their daily tasks, people managers who need to see how their teams are progressing on important projects, to business leaders and executives who need high-level metrics about the health of the business.


Actionable Insights, Fast

Fast access to analytic insight - perfect for users who need access to data and analytic content that others have


Accessible Everywhere

Users access content from the <geosys> App, browser, or your system.


Everything You Need

For your users, everything is built, managed, and provided to them so they can spend less time analyzing and more
time acting on their data.


Embed in the Systems You Already Use

Dashboards and content can seamlessly integrate into the business applications non-technical users already use to
perform their jobs.