New Agriculture Customers Get on Board as EarthDaily Analytics Prepares to Launch the World’s Most Advanced Change Detection System

The world’s leading agribusinesses are reducing risk with Earth Observation — a technology that delivers data about crop-growing conditions around the world in near-real time. EarthDaily Agro’s team of agronomists are able to interpret and explain this data so companies can make fast and appropriate decisions about food supply.

Recently, four agribusiness leaders have become new EarthDaily customers:

  • Land O’Lakes, a Minnesota-based dairy foods cooperative
  • VegaMX, providing data-based solutions to clients in food, water, energy and defense sectors
  • Remote Sensing Instruments (RSI), a longstanding total solution provider in the field of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing
  • Sustainable Oils, a subsidiary of Global Clean Energy Holdings that processes camelina seeds into sustainable vehicle fuels

EarthDaily Agro is thrilled to partner with these distinguished companies and to provide them with high-quality data beyond that available through more traditional sources. And soon, even more organizations will have the opportunity to benefit from this technology with the launch of the next-generation EarthDaily Constellation from EarthDaily Analytics.

Fully funded and under active construction, the EarthDaily Constellation will usher in a new era for Earth Observation when it launches during the first quarter of 2024, becoming the world’s most powerful change detection system built for agriculture.

Space-age data for the people who feed the world

While Earth Observation has a deep history serving agriculture, cutting-edge advances in the EarthDaily Constellation will enable agribusinesses of all kinds to derive greater value from the technology. Key enhancements include scientific-quality data, enabling measurement of more variables for a 360-degree picture; daily frequency, which detects potential threats sooner and provides opportunity to respond proactively; and worldwide coverage, ensuring data is consistent and reliable for all relevant corners of the globe.

Making change observable, measurable and actionable for ag

The advanced capabilities of the EarthDaily Constellation will equip agribusinesses of all kinds to control risk, tackle challenges and make decisions with confidence. Benefits span industry sectors:

  • Precision for digital ag: With the EarthDaily Constellation, digital ag companies will be able to maximize crop input efficiency, enhance their crop protection, manage trials, verify sustainability, measure weather impacts and more. What’s more, greater precision and enhanced efficiencies reduce manual workload for digital ag companies, enabling increased bandwidth. 
  • Visibility for fintech: The EarthDaily Constellation will enable lenders and insurers to reduce risk by verifying farmer’s planting dates, monitoring crop progress, forecasting crop outputs, identifying potential fraud and more. Continuous, full-season visibility into farmers’ crop progress will equip lenders and insurers to actively manage their portfolios.
  • Speed for commodity traders: The EarthDaily Constellation will deliver insights sooner than many traditional sources of agricultural forecasting, giving trading firms a valuable competitive edge. Faster data enables traders to capitalize on market opportunities before competitors, enabling profitable trading decisions.
  • Security for food & bev: With the EarthDaily Constellation, food and beverage manufacturers will be able to reduce their vulnerability to supply disruptions, enabling them to manage demand through proactive pricing strategies. With upstream supply chain visibility, food & bev companies gain opportunities to source supplies at the most competitive prices.

A world-class team for a world-class innovation

The organizations taking on the world’s most complex agribusiness challenges need to have the world’s most sophisticated insights, which is why the EarthDaily Constellation is being built with state-of-the-art components sourced from global technology leaders.

Through collaborations with multiple Mission Partners, the Constellation will feature optical imagers from ABB Group, satellite buses from Loft Orbital and Airbus, thermal imaging technology from INO and high-speed digital electronics from Xiphos Technologies. By combining the industry’s most powerful technologies, the EarthDaily Constellation will create the next generation of Earth Observation.

Understand the world, protect the world, change the world

When it comes to Earth Observation providers, agribusinesses have options. A number of Earth Observation providers offer either broad coverage, high frequency or scientific-quality data — but only EarthDaily Agro combines all three.

EarthDaily Agro has been trusted by agriculture for over 35 years, and the EarthDaily Constellation is a fundamental part of our continued commitment to delivering on that trust.

If you’re like to learn more how next-generation analytics from the EarthDaily Constellation can make more possible for your business, contact our team.

About the author

Andrew Mullin is Vice President of Marketing for EarthDaily Agro. With broad leadership experience spanning startups to Fortune 500 companies, Mullin brings over 15 years of marketing expertise to EarthDaily Analytics. He holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business.