How leading agriculture and food companies better predict supply and demand with Earth Observation

Food and beverage companies depend on raw ingredients like corn, wheat, barley, coffee, sugarcane, oilseeds, apples and many others. Yet, food crops are a finite resource, their yields dependent on environmental factors like consistent temperature and soil moisture. Additionally, human factors like supply-chain issues, disease outbreaks, political instability and war are extremely disruptive to food…

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Helping Food and Beverage Manufacturer Take Control Over Supply and Demand

A global refiner and processor in the food and beverage industry minimizes financial risk by proactively adjusting sourcing and pricing strategies. Earth observation data from EarthDaily Agro equips growers, producers and processors with the intelligence to help make more informed, confident business decisions. Food and beverage manufacturers source crops worldwide—corn, wheat, barley, coffee, sugarcane, oilseeds,…

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US Virtual Crop Tour

Our team of crop analysts constantly monitor the world’s major growing regions. To understand what’s happening on the ground, we look to the sky by using scientific-grade satellite data to power industry-leading analytics. This virtual crop tour is for the purpose to check the current conditions in the Corn Belt area in the US and…

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How Ag Commodity Traders Can Stay Ahead of the Market

When you’re an agricultural commodity trader, every decision has a direct and immediate impact to your profitability. That’s a big risk to take on — at least, it is if you’re relying on traditional crop monitoring. With government agencies such as the USDA and Eurostat publishing their crop yield projections on a monthly basis, data…

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An Update on Global Wheat, Barley and Corn Supply Disruption Amid the Russia-Ukraine War

Close up of ripe wheat ears

Today’s global food supply chain is highly connected, and the current war in Ukraine has created a tangible disruption in worldwide food security — specifically when it comes to wheat, corn, barley, sunflower, rapeseed and fertilizer. In response, EarthDaily Analytics and its EarthDaily Agro agriculture division are harnessing the power of Earth Observation technology to…

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Wheat Price Pressure Increasing Amid Global Supply Shortages, EarthDaily Agro Monitoring Shows in Advance of USDA World Agriculture Production Report

Wheat field header image

In advance of the forthcoming World Agriculture Production report from the USDA to be released May 12, EarthDaily Agro is issuing a special alert on anticipated price pressure on global wheat stemming from supply shortages related to the war in Ukraine and challenging growing conditions in Europe and the U.S. Following our earlier Global Wheat…

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