EarthDaily Agro Announces Support for Farmerhood Charitable Initiative Providing Direct Support to War-Impacted Ukrainian Farmers

Farmer-to-farmer humanitarian effort unites industry partners worldwide to raise funds and support the farmers of Ukraine.

MINNEAPOLIS (May 31, 2023) — EarthDaily Agro, a division of geospatial analytics provider EarthDaily Analytics Corporation, announced today their support for Farmerhood, a global charitable collective comprised of leading agricultural companies to provide humanitarian relief to Ukrainian farmers amidst the ongoing disruptions to their livelihoods caused by Russian military aggression.

“It’s impossible to overstate the impact of the war in Ukraine,” said Dave Gebhardt, General Manager of EarthDaily Agro. “Ukrainian farmers, who are struggling to stay afloat through Russia’s invasion, are a powerful example of the continued impact this ongoing crisis is creating. The need for support is pressing, and in response, EarthDaily Agro has mobilized a group of leading agriculture partners, all united in standing with Ukraine.”

Through the program, Ukrainian farmers with up to 1,200 acres (500 hectares) located in regions impacted by war are eligible to receive sustaining services to support their critical work as they grapple with the challenges of hostile military invasion. Funds raised through the program provide support to Ukrainian farmers across five key focus areas:

  • Agricultural inputs such as seeds and crop protection
  • Precision farming services that support the efficient use of limited resources
  • Fuel to enable field operations
  • Restoration to help repair facilities and machinery
  • Financial support to cover additional needs such as rent, salaries and taxes

EarthDaily Agro’s contributions to Farmerhood include best-in-class analytics services to help Ukrainian farmers monitor crop health, use resources efficiently and detect early warning signs of negative environmental trends — ultimately helping the farmers of Ukraine maximize their yields to keep their operations afloat and support food security both in their own communities and across the world at-large.

“Around the world, a shared camaraderie exists between farmers,” Gebhardt said. “Farming is one of the most challenging careers a person can choose, and that creates a bond that can’t be broken no matter where you live. As an individual who grew up on a family farm myself, I am immensely proud to support our farming brothers and sisters in Ukraine through Farmerhood.”

In addition to EarthDaily Agro, Farmerhood’s Coalition Partners include Syngenta, Feodal, Kernel, Dar Foundation, Alight and Land O’Lakes. Additional partners include Arriba, You Control, Latifundist, Zeep, Growex, Kartoza, Agrilab, Baker Tilly Ukraine, AgroNews, Deep State, the All-Ukrainian Congress of Farmers, UAC Agro Connection, OKKO, Epicentrk and Trend & Hedge Club.

“The response from the industry has been loud and clear — rallying to support the farmers of Ukraine is a commitment that many organizations are passionate about,” Gebhardt said. “Our goal through this initiative is to put intentions into action by uniting some of the best agricultural companies in the world to help our fellow farmers in need. And the industry has eagerly stepped up to help.”

Farmerhood is one of several initiatives that were created in part through the Support Ukrainian Farmers Coalition, launched by EarthDaily Agro in April 2022 in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Russia’s military aggression has substantially impeded Ukrainian farmers’ ability to feed themselves, their families, their communities and the world,” Gebhardt said. “In the face of such profound challenges, every incremental unit of a farmer’s production takes on heightened importance. Ukrainian farmers feed the world, and today, they need our help. Farmerhood is our way of harnessing power of goodwill and unity to support these worthy, hardworking individuals in their time of need.”

Corporations, farmers and individuals alike are invited to donate to the Farmerhood support fund. To learn more and make a donation, visit

About Farmerhood

Farmerhood is a charity project developed by agriculture leaders to help Ukrainian farmers in war-torn areas maintain their business operations, restore farms and support the agricultural workforce. The initiative has established a global farmer-to-farmer donation model and a digital platform to enable easy and reliable support. Thousands of Ukrainian farmers have an opportunity to register via the Farmerhood platform and, once validated, receive help from farmers around the world.

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