Employee Spotlight: Anne Dubois

How long have you been at EarthDaily Agro?

I joined EarthDaily Agro in 2013 as a satellite data sourcing engineer. Prior to EarthDaily Agro, I worked as GIS Engineer and environmental geographer for many years for research institutes in Africa, Agriculture chambers in France, and European NGOs in Central Asia.

I graduated from geography programs at both the University of Montpellier and the University of Toulouse, where I majored in natural disaster preparedness and in land planning management. I currently live in Toulouse.

What’s your current position, and what do you do?

Since 2021, I am honored with the new responsibility of funding the R&D stream. I am in charge of setting up funded R&D projects involving international partners. My first success was back in March 2022, when EarthDaily Agro was named winner of the 2022 I-Nov Innovation Competition, a prestigious French contest for innovative companies and industry disruptors to help support the challenges of the agro-ecological transitions and encourage adoption and business model sustainability in the whole Ag value chain.

What do you appreciate about EarthDaily Agro?

I’m proud to work at EarthDaily Agro as this company offers an extraordinary combination of an international and responsive working environment while working with breaking new space technologies.

What do you think of the EarthDaily Constellation’s arrival?

I strongly believe in sciences and in the capability of Earth Observation to help serve human beings and make trustworthy progress in smart decision-making. I am anxious to overcome the ongoing challenge of providing quality food along with environmental services and help preserve the beauty and diversity of our planet.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

When I’m not keeping busy with my professional work, you can find me having fun with my kids, inviting friends, playing music as a soloist or in a band, reading international newspapers, and environmental magazines, or having excursions in nature.

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