Growing New Business for Wanaka by Creating Efficiencies With Earth Observation

Software company Wanaka helps farmers increase yields and meet compliance regulations in France through partnership with EarthDaily Agro. The <geosys/> platform—satellite imaging, geospatial analytics and expert service—drills down to the field level to determine variable-rate nitrogen applications. French software company Wanaka supports farmers through a range of services, including fertilizer application, crop protection and soil…

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How Ag Lending Is Transforming With Earth Observation and Geospatial Analytics


Today’s farm operations are becoming bigger and bigger — but while farmers are farming more land, they aren’t necessarily owning more land. Instead, farmers are increasingly leasing the land, or portions thereof, that they farm. When it comes to ag lending, this trend is creating both a challenge and an opportunity. With larger operations, farmers…

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Join Us to Learn How Businesses Gain Competitive Edge Using Earth Observation and Geospatial Analytics

Virtual Panel Discussion Jan. 10, 2022 – A growing number of companies say their businesses have benefitted thanks to actionable geospatial insights from Earth observation technology. Media are invited to learn why and how organizations are driving this trend from industry leaders who have implemented the technology and realized the benefits. Learn how geospatial analytics…

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New Features Bring Even More Power to Geosys Platform

geosys platform

In January 2021, EarthDaily Agro announced its next generation Platform as a Service (Paas), <geosys/>. Today we are announcing our first major release of updates that improve the performance, scope and usability of our PaaS offering. With a full suite of enhancements, the updated platform makes harnessing satellite imagery for agriculture easy and offers advanced…

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