Employee Spotlight: Caroline Gevaert

How long have you been at EarthDaily Agro?

I joined EarthDaily Agro 12 years ago.   

What’s your current position, and what does it entail?

My current role as a Data Analyst involves transforming raw data into useful insights. I am responsible for collecting, processing, and analyzing data to provide valuable materials to data scientists. By providing them prepared and refined datasets, I ensure that our data scientists can maximize their productivity, making our tasks more efficient and our analyses more qualitative.

Have you grown professionally while on our team?

I started out as GIS specialist in the Support/Data Operations teams and moved step-by-step up to be part of the Data Quality Working Group in 2019, which was a collaboration between the DataOps and the Data Science teams to monitor the quality of our products, extracting qualification metrics from the clear mask process and radiometric data. I then joined the Data Science team in 2021 as a Data Analyst. 

Why do you like your job? What do you find most interesting?

What I love most about my job is the diversity of tasks and topics I work on. This variety creates an exciting dynamic every day.  

What accomplishment during your time at EarthDaily Agro are you most proud of?

In my daily work, I would say I am happy with my ability to create GIS data processing workflows, to automatically generate large-scale data.  

Why EarthDaily Agro? Or what sets EarthDaily Agro apart?

What I like about EarthDaily Agro is working in the geospatial field. Additionally, as a native of Balma, I find it rewarding to maintain a strong connection to my roots while contributing to exciting projects! 

What do you think of the EarthDaily Constellation arrival?

The introduction of EarthDaily Constellation will significantly increase the quantity of data through the daily revisit and a larger number of spectral bands, thereby enhancing the quality of our products in addition to 5-meter resolution. 

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work, when I’m not busy with my daughters, aged 3 and 7, I use my free time creating dried flower arrangements and decorative objects.