Employee Spotlight: Eva Totain

How long have you been at EarthDaily Agro?

I joined EarthDaily Agro four years ago. I have a master’s degree in Agronomy from the Engineering School of Montpellier Supagro. I lived in Brazil for six months during a student exchange program, where I had the chance to discover more about remote sensing and new technology in agriculture. I have gained experience in precision agriculture while working in an agricultural cooperative, and that’s something that helps me understand and gather efficiently the needs from the field.

What’s your current position, and what does it entail?

I am a Product Owner at EarthDaily Agro. My role is primarily to interface between business needs (sales, key accounts, and customers) and the development team to ensure the successful implementation of projects. I’m responsible for defining what features to build, prioritizing them, writing user stories, and most of all making sure they are consistent with the needs expressed by the business. I prioritize the developments, validate the delivered versions, and manage the maintenance of the existing solutions. My role is also to communicate on the progress of projects and train the teams on the new functionalities.

Have you grown professionally while on our team?

I think so! At EarthDaily Agro, we can work on a wide range of subjects with cross-disciplinary teams. I had the chance to grow in my role and in my understanding of business processes, technology, and project management. Among the subjects on which I have gained knowledge while working at EarthDaily Agro are remote sensing, agriculture and sustainability markets, data and model engineering, and many others.

What accomplishment during your time at EarthDaily Agro are you most proud of?

I’d say a full year’s work redesigning EarthDaily Agro’s application front end.
We had several tools on which I had been a product owner in the past, and each was dedicated to specific business needs and market segments. But as needs evolved, we realized that we needed to merge the solutions to meet the needs of most of our customers and easily demonstrate our capabilities. It was complex work, which required a good knowledge of the entire platform, with a large team and several challenges!

Why do you like your job? What do you find most interesting?

I’d say I love what I do at EarthDaily Agro for three main reasons:

  • The possibility to work on a variety of interesting subjects, from a business and/or technical point of view, which allows me to grow professionally every day.

  • The opportunity to work with teams from all over the world: I have the chance to practice my English and Portuguese, and I really feel lucky for that!

  • And the chance to work with caring, passionate, intelligent people. I am really grateful to all the teams I have been able to work with so far.

What do you think of the EarthDaily Constellation arrival?

I think it’s an achievement that will enable us to put our expertise and data quality even further to the fore. EarthDaily has demonstrated its ability to produce its own data processing pipelines, its own cloud masks, and its own way of improving sensor quality. Now we’ll be able to do it using richer data, with a spectral, spatial and temporal resolution that will change the way we produce value for the agricultural world.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I love nature and outdoor sports. My family has always worked in horse breeding, and I’ve been lucky enough to ride in competitions and travel a lot for my passion. Today, I like to try out new things and share them with those around me. My companion lived in Tahiti for several years and surfed a lot. I’m a horrible surfer and would love to learn from him. On the other hand, I grew up near the mountains and love to ski, and he can’t keep his feet still on skis, so I can’t wait to teach him!

NB: I also love staying warm at home when it’s cold and rainy, and gaming all day. Just like at work, communication is key, so I’m always in a good mood, chill and never grumpy with my teammates while playing!