Employee Spotlight: Jean-Michel Pierret

After 5 years of engineering school with a focus in Software Engineering, Jean-Michel Pierret had a few years of experience in small SME to finally join EarthDaily Agro. For more than 15 years, Jean-Michel has had the chance to develop his expertise in technologies for which he had the most affinity, such as dot net. “So Many years have allowed me to perfect my technical skills and adapt software architectures to the growing needs of the business and customers,” said Pierret.

At the project level, he takes charge of the development and maintenance of the backend of GIS sites and services (Farmsat, Agriquest, Agrilynx, Civb, etc.). These systems were the precursor to the Geosys platform. He also has contributed to the establishment of a Meteorological database automatically fed with several data providers (FTP, Mail, Web Service, etc.). Additionally, he has helped in the development of a platform of low and medium resolution images with field calculation of time series and even real-time coverage calculation.

Jean-Michel said, “it’s a very rewarding experience because in the domain of new technologies, things are changing very quickly and there are many challenges.”

Jean-Michel is the software engineer who designed EarthDaily’s MR/LR satellite imagery and weather data integration pipelines. He also led the technical transition to move from 6,000 MR images integrated in 2015 (prior to the Sentinels era) to 338,000 images in 2021.