The Importance of Innovation to Increase Profitability

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For more than 20 years, BIO3G has designed, developed, and sold innovative, natural, and environmentally friendly solutions. They specialize in natural biostimulation.

They strive to “Give nature the means to express its potential,” which is their tagline. Instead of infusing soil and plants with chemicals, BIO3G solutions stimulate soil life and thus contribute to optimal plant development. The interaction of BIO3G’s Soil, Plant and Animal ranges helps to increase the profitability of the businesses of their farmers and green space professionals.

Prior to utilizing the EarthDaily Agro geosys Platform in 2021, BIO3G experimented by using CERELIA®. Development Engineer, Fouetillou Angélique of BIO3G explained the switch to EarthDaily Agro’s Geosys platform instead of Cerelia. “Innovation is an important value at BIO3G, to provide our customers with the best agronomic service, at the best price,” said Angélique.

Before using the Geosys platform by EarthDaily Agro, BIO3G was looking for solutions complementary to field measurements, to follow the vegetative growth of their fields over time. EarthDaily Agro introduced them to the satellite monitoring tools of Geosys which then led to the partnership.

Angélique explained that BIO3G’s range of biostimulants helped to reduce the use of inputs, especially nitrogen, while maintaining yields. “Concretely, Geosys’ satellite imagery has enabled us to monitor more precisely the impact of our solutions on crops and to effectively advise our customers in their fertilizer reduction strategy,” said Angélique. She explained how the vegetation maps showing the evolution of the NDVI index provided BIO3G with valuable information that complements the measurements and observations made in the field.

According to Angélique, BIO3G was interested in the innovative approach that EarthDaily Agro offered, on the agronomic and economic issues facing their customers. “We chose to trust them because of their great ability to adapt to our needs and their responsiveness.” BIO3G has been working with EarthDaily Agro since 2019 and they continue to collaborate.

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