From Macro to Micro: Agora has an Ag Solution for that

Agora, an Argentina based agricultural solution provider, has made it their mission to facilitate and encourage the digitization of agronomic activity. Since their inception in 2017, they have provided access to high-quality web tools for the South American ag market. 

“We are dedicated to a wide array of agronomic services (e.g. soil samples, soil analysis, diagnosis, and fertilizer recommendation, digital mapping and services processing of GIS, yield and several agriculture maps,) with a focus on sustainability and the best use of resources,” said Carlos Michiels, CEO and Head Agronomist. “We enhance our agronomic knowledge with new technologies that offer immediate benefits for customers.” 

As satellite remote sensing became more prevalent in agriculture, Agora knew customers would be in search of ready-to-use applications to help manage a variety of needs. When searching for a satellite partner, EarthDaily Agro quickly rose to the top with scientific-grade data and proven methodologies for monitoring and benchmarking crops.

“Our partnership with EarthDaily Agro allows us to access superior technology and the largest bank of updated satellite images – all to generate and interpret user-friendly data,” said Teo Dinardo, Partner Agronomist and Expert GIS Support.

As the exclusive representative of EarthDaily Agro in Argentina, Agora offers two satellite monitoring tools: Agriquest© Global Monitoring Tool and Croptical© Monitoring Application. These solutions have proved valuable as they provide data at the field level (necessary to provide recommendations for both fertilization and crop protection) and the regional/country level (to help boost production levels and maximize efficiency in the use of resources). 

“Having this technology accessible at all times for our customers results in immediate benefits in planning and decision-making in the field,” said Gustavo Libardi, head of business development Latin America. “This agronomic support helps our customers anticipate and reduce risks.” 

To learn more about our ready-to-use applications or discover how we can create a solution specific to your needs, send us a message to get started.