Field Focus – EarthDaily Agro Launches New Field Alert System

Field Focus is our new field alert system for the Croptical tool – making the application more proactive for users by applying advanced satellite data analytics to evaluate the performance of all fields being monitored. Now, users can quickly help growers see how their fields are performing comparatively in addition to the level of change within each field.

The field alert system provides users with three focused analytics in each grower report:

  1. Performance Rank This analytic is used to rank all the growers’ fields per crop based on biomass levels. The fields with the highest NDVI score are ranked at the top of the list for a quick view of how a growers’ fields are performing comparatively.
  2. Previous Rank This ranking uses the exact same analytics as the Performance Rank but calculated 7 days prior to provide insights on the evolution of the fields. If a field has a Previous Rank of 6 and a current Performance Rank of 4, users can quickly see this is a faster growing field.
  3. Change Index Score Utilizing our new change detection analytics, fields receive a score from 0 to 10 indicating the level of change for a given field. This score is based on trend (how much of the field experienced change), type (how much variability in the change) and intensity (overall distribution of NDVI). To learn more about change detection and our Change Index score, see our post titled Change Detection: Managing Information Overload.

sample report to showcase analytics available through Field Focus

Field Focus brings together a complete offering in the EarthDaily Agro portfolio with field monitoring, field alerts and field variability rate maps. The EarthDaily Agro Precision Ag package includes Croptical, Field Focus reports and Farmsat.

Croptical is our “seeing” tool – it helps users easily monitor all the fields for their growers in one straightforward interface. Access daily satellite data that benchmarks the performance of all similar fields to know which growers need your attention and use interfiled variability maps to know where to focus your crops scouting efforts.

Farmsat is our “doing” tool – it transforms our satellite data into easy-to-use, customizable solutions industrialized to help you support as many growers as you need. The EarthDaily Agro Precision Ag package includes our variable rate mapping tool to help you streamline the process. Already have a variable rate application tool? No problem. Using EarthDaily Agro API, we can sync the Croptical data with most applications to help you streamline your existing system.

To learn how you can integrate the new field alerts into your system, or for questions about any of our offerings, contact us today.