Major Brazilian Bank Harnesses Data to Efficiently Manage Rural Credit Accounts

Remote satellite imaging and analytics gives bankers advanced tools for monitoring crops throughout the growing season, helping to validate rural credit and comply with government audit regulations. As one of the largest agricultural producers in the world, Brazil supports its farmers through a vast rural credit program—in 2018 the amount available to farmers was US$57…

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Powering Fast-Paced, Proactive Decision-Making For Ag Trader

An agricultural commodity trader relies on EarthDaily Agro’s <geosys/> platform—satellite imaging, geospatial analytics and expert service—to monitor and forecast global crop production, take strategic action and stay ahead of the competition. Trading in global agricultural commodities such as corn, soybeans, coffee and cotton can be a high-risk activity, potentially exposing traders to big losses. Market…

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Employee Spotlight: Jean-Michel Pierret

After 5 years of engineering school with a focus in Software Engineering, Jean-Michel Pierret had a few years of experience in small SME to finally join EarthDaily Agro. For more than 15 years, Jean-Michel has had the chance to develop his expertise in technologies for which he had the most affinity, such as dot net.…

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Growing New Business for Wanaka by Creating Efficiencies With Earth Observation

Software company Wanaka helps farmers increase yields and meet compliance regulations in France through partnership with EarthDaily Agro. The <geosys/> platform—satellite imaging, geospatial analytics and expert service—drills down to the field level to determine variable-rate nitrogen applications. French software company Wanaka supports farmers through a range of services, including fertilizer application, crop protection and soil…

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Employee Spotlight: Clement Peyrard

Clement Payrard for website

Clément joined EarthDaily Agro in January 2019 with the mission to bring a machine and deep learning flavor to the company to monitor agriculture at scale. He holds a PhD in AI applied to Super-Resolution and gained geospatial experience working on GeoIntelligence applications in the UK. From day one, he found applying his skill to…

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EarthDaily Agro Awarded Prestigious French Grant for Undertaking Agriculture’s Pressing Sustainability Challenges

grant use

EarthDaily Agro is proud to announce it has been named winner of the 2022 i-Nov Innovation Competition, a prestigious French contest for innovative companies and industry disruptors. The award recognizes the significant advancements EarthDaily Agro is contributing to agricultural sustainability through its current analytics capabilities and next-generation EarthDaily satellite constellation currently under development. “The world’s…

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